Best Experimental Film 2009
New York International Independent
Film and Video Festival

W the Movie  is a surreal satire on the presidency of George W Bush produced by Alfred Eaker's Pink and Blue Films Liberty or Death Productions served as one of the associate production companies.  

At the dawn of the 21st century, strange things begin to happen when a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert. A Texas Oil Man discovers the meteor and inside it, his long lost son, W.

With his daddy's help, W steals the presidential election, becoming the 43rd President of the United States and a world of chaos begins!

After 911, W brings War and with it, suppression of all free thought. Among those standing up to the new regime are the staff of Issues and Alibis, including our superhero, the intrepid reporter BlueMahler.

Issues and Alibis, and likewise, all creative thinkers, are a threat to W and the White House becomes the House of Oppression. W's hold on power begins to spiral out of control after the people finally wake up following the disaster of a devastating hurricane and the failure of War. But change is on the horizon in the form of the Yes candidate, Barak Hussein Osama. 

W the Movie was written and produced by Alfred Eaker, award winning director of Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes (Best Experimental Film,  Las Vegas, July 2004, New York Film and Video Festival), directed by Alfred Eaker and Ross St. Just and features the music of DJ MONKEY, Buzz Kimball,Harold Schellinx, Walter Ciancisusi, Vincent Bergeron, Gustav Mahler, Ludwig van Beethoven, Herman Scherchen and more'.  It stars Alfred Eaker, Pink Freud, John M. Bennett, Justin Barnes, Ernest Stewart,Wendy Collin Sorin, Michael Basinski, Ross St. Just and Mike Wratthel.  

Running time:  Aprox  95 minutes

2008 Pink and Blue Films LLC


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