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Monday, June 01, 2009 

Wannabe is the first feature from Liberty or Death Productions ( of "W The Movie" and "To Haunt You" fame)  and proves as to why they are one of the top up and coming independent horror and surrealist film companies to date!   In the film we are introduced to a young woman who is obsessed with meeting a real vampire (she's sick of all the wannabe's and fakes) to the point of befriending one online and moving cross country to live her darkest desires. 

Once at the manor of what is said to be a hundred and eighty-two old creature of the night, she is greeted by a sinister and smirking doorman who takes her keys, purse and searches her head to toe while repeatedly asking if she truly wants to go through with her plans (and assuring himself that she also has not informed family or friends of her location).   After the inspection is finished, she is lead into a dark and dimly lit room to meet her fate.

Truly are our darkest and most sinister urges really worth exploring?  This question and more are answered in this grim, straight to the point thriller that left me wanting more.  Gruesome and shocking, this film contains blatant nudity, blood and gore.. and is very effective in usage of budget and time (this one clocks in at nearly twenty minutes).  But at the same time, this is not a film for everyone, and contains very intense and graphic scenery.   I would say, truthfully, if you are reading reviews on this site... THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! This is exploitation at its finest and I would truly like to thank our friends at Liberty or Death Productions for sending me this great film!










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